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Are you selling APS-C or full frame lens ?

Currently , Kamlan is mainly selling APS-C and M43 mirrorless lens. We have only one 85mm full frame lens for DSLR camera. We are working to bring full frame lens for mirrorless cameras in 2019 and 2020

I own a Sony A7ii , can i use your lens ?

Full frame lenses will be completely compatible with both full frame and APS-C size sensor cameras within the same mount. You would not lose sharpness by using a full frame lens on an APS-C size sensor camera. You would be using the sweet spot of the lens, so won’t experience the downgrade in quality that can occur with certain lenses as they get close to the edge. The limitations you can experience with a full frame lens on a smaller sensor body would occur when looking for a super wide angle lens or an all-in-one, where the range might not be all that wide or suitable for an APS-C size sensor cameras.

Can i use your lens with a canon sl2 ?

Kamlan lens is mainly for mirrorless cameras and we are working to bring more lens for full-frame cameras in the future. You can check product page and see the compatibility.

Is there an F mount version for Nikons?

The products now offered in our website mainly fit mirrorless cameras. Nikon f mount camera is a DSLR camera.

Can i use a ef to m mount for this lens on a Canon 100d ?

it's doesn't work because of the flange focal distance.

Is this compatible with the black magic pocket cinema 4k?

Yes, please choose M43 mount.  Kaman lens has 4 mount available. Check the compatibility list here.

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