28mm F/1.4 Manual Lens

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Highlights of Product

  • Similar View of Human Eyes
  • Bright and Fast F/1.4 Maximum Aperture
  • High Index of Refraction Element for Maximum Light Transmission and Contrast
  • Extra 11 circular Aperture Blades for perfect rounded Bokeh
  • "Declicked" manual aperture ring
  • Metal body but Portable
  • Fascinating bokeh and soft background blur
  • Nice color rendition and good contrast
  • 3D effect when shooting wide open
  • Excellent central sharpness
  • Excellent corners when stopped down to F8

  • Why 28MM?

    Normal lenses are valued because they provide a natural angle of view that is similar to what the human eye sees. The images they produce are very relatable and engaging because they feel like scenes people have seen. The focal length is extremely versatile for a wide range of applications – from landscapes to portraits to street photography.The Kamlan 28mm f/1.4 offers a great “normal” focal length and a large maximum aperture at a bargain price

    Premium Optical Design

    The Kamlan 28mm lens has a large, bright f/1.4 aperture with 11-blade circular aperture iris that allows for great results in low light conditions and also the ability to create beautifully soft backgrounds. It allows for more control over the depth of field, letting you choose what will be in focus. Further extending the flexibility of the lens is the ability focus down to just 0.25m (9.48 inches), allowing you to fill the frame with your subject and throw the background dramatically out of focus. The 0.15x maximum magnification figure is higher than competing lenses

    Great Color Rendition

    The lens utilizes high quality optical glass with higher levels of refraction to help shape light more efficiently and to produce lower chromatic aberrations. Chromatic aberrations are noticeably more controlled than on competing lenses.

    Bokeh: Shoot at F1.4 anytime! 

    The lens sports a premium 11-blade circular aperture iris, which enables it to have soft, creamy backgrounds with circular highlights even when the lens is stopped down to smaller apertures. The very artful rendering from the lens is unique from a lens at this inexpensive price point.

    Close and Sharp

    The optical formula is 8 elements in 7 groups with 6 High Refractive Index Elements which provides good center sharpness even at f/1.4. Stopping the lens down to f/2 produces image with high contrast and sharpness, when the lens is stopped down to smaller apertures it is sharp from corner to corner.

    We have designed a new premium metallic lens hood for the New Kamlan 28mm F1.4, which employs a threaded connection for a firm, easy to use connection. The lens hood has built in filter threads to allow for the use of filters even with the hood attached.


    Technical Specifications

    Focal Length 28mm         
    Aperture  F1.4-F16
    Visual Angle Range 56°@APS_C
    Filter Diameter 52mm
    Minimum Object Distance  0.25m
    Focus Mode  Manual
    MOD(Max Overall Diameter)  60mm
    Lens Structure  7 Groups 8 Element
    Lens Size  66 x 58mm
    Net Weight  348g (0.76 Lbs)